“High fashion” 1960s roadster joins classic collection

Singer Vogue photographed outside of the museum

A super-stylish classic car from the 1960s has taken pride of place at the Lakeland Motor Museum, after being donated by a local family.

In its heydey, the 1965 Singer Vogue Mark III is said to have reached a top speed of 92 mph and was marketed as a “high fashion” car, which was elegant, yet affordable for the average person.

The much sought-after 4 door saloon was manufactured by Rootes Motors Ltd and featured many luxurious touches including fully reclining front seats and quadruple headlights.

With only 35 of the vehicle still registered with the DVLA, the model unveiled at the Lakeland Motor Museum is one of just a handful which have survived the intervening 52 years.

It has been donated to the Museum by the late Ronald Devereux from Ulverston. The Singer Vogue was previously owned by his father and has less than 50,000 miles on the clock from new.

Chris Lowe, Manager at the Lakeland Motor Museum, says, “This vehicle epitomises the type of upmarket car people aspired to in the mid-1960s. It has clearly been really well looked after and will be a great talking point for everyone who is interested in recapturing a slice of nostalgia from the Swinging Sixties.”

The Singer Vogue has been prepared for display and will now be part of the Museum’s permanent collection of 150 classic cars and motorbikes, which has been assembled over more than 50 years.

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