Visiting Club: Registration Numbers Club

Visiting Club: Registration Numbers Club

We're delighted to be welcoming the Registration Numbers Club (RNC) to the museum as part of their long-delayed Annual Rally, due to COVID.

We hope to see many members on their national rally and see many memorable licence plates on display in our outdoor exhibition area. The rally had been postponed due to COVID, so its likely that thre will be many RNC members' private vehicles out on display.

The club was established in 1977 at a time of crisis for cherished numbers when the licensing authorities began refusing transfers and caused misery for many, many people. Numbers which had been owned for several years, even numbers which had been passed down from previous generations were in danger of being lost forever in the hands of bureaucrats.

The club was formed by like-minded people who campaigned and ultimately were successful in changing the laws with regard to personalised number plates. Find out more on their website here > http://www.registrationnumbers...

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*Due to the nature of owners clubs and their journey to get to us, we cannot guarantee timings and the number of vehicles at the museum.

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