1980 Ford Escort RS2000 Custom awarded Lakeland Motor Museum trophy

Bryn Jackson being presented with trophy by Operations Manager Chris Lowe

The latest winner of our regular classic car contest has been handed a one of a kind trophy created on-site by our team, using a vintage cutaway engine.

Owners of more than 100 classic cars, vans and motorbikes turned-out in force at the Backbarrow-based heritage attraction last month for the final “Drive & Ride In Day” event of 2019, with a trophy up for grabs for the owner of the vehicle deemed to be “the most interesting or unique”.

Ulverston couple Bryn and Kath Jackson were declared the winners, with their 1980 Ford Escort RS2000 Custom being awarded the “Best of Boxing Day” trophy, created from a Hohm engine cutaway.

The museum’s Operations Manager and trophy creator, Chris Lowe says, “It’s hard to believe that the car is almost 40 years old thanks to the fantastic job they’ve done on making it look and perform like it’s just rolled off the production line. The turn-out at the museum on Boxing Day for our final ‘Drive & Ride In Day’ event of the decade was really strong, with around a hundred unusual or rare vehicles being proudly displayed by their owners.”

Bryn and Kath will keep the trophy for 12 months, displayed alongside a further eight trophies they have won for the car in recent years at motoring events across the country.

the winning car

Bryn says, “I bring this car to the Lakeland Motor Museum to club meetings every month and also to every ‘Drive & Ride In Day’. I’ve seen all the trophies that the museum has created over the last year or so and it was a real surprise to win this one. What impressed Chris was how this labour of love has taken around three years to complete. I’ve literally stripped the car down to its bare bones and completely rebuilt it. It’s been tougher than the hardest jigsaw you can image!

“I’m especially proud of this car because at various stages of my life, I’ve owned every type of Ford Escort at one time or another. Until only a few years ago, the 1980 RS2000 was the only Escort I hadn’t owned, so when I found one for sale 15 years ago, I knew I just had to complete the circle by buying and fully restoring it. To win the Lakeland Motor Museum trophy is a real privilege and Kath and I are both delighted!”

close up of trophy on car bonnet

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