Antiques Road Trip star picks his top motors at Lakeland Motor Museum!

TV star picks top motors at Lakeland Motor Museum!

TV star David Harper has driven his fair share of classic cars on the hit BBC show The Antiques Road Trip and knows a thing or two about marvellous motors - now he’s picked out his top exhibits during a visit to the Lakeland Motor Museum!

Antiques and classic car expert David is a well-known face on our TV screens having also appeared in programmes including Bargain Hunt, Flog It! and Cash in the Attic.

During the private visit to the Lakeland Motor Museum he highlighted his top four favourites and they include nostalgic reminders of his grandmother, his teenage years and a Citroen classic he still regrets selling!

On his Facebook page he detailed his top four favourite vehicles on display at the Backbarrow attraction and explained why:

• The 1957 Humber Hawk Estate (Because his grandmother had one!)

• Donald Campbell’s Bentley (in Bluebird colours)

• Citroen DS (He still regrets selling his!)

• Yamaha FS1E moped (16 year old memories!)

David says: “I’ve visited the museum several times over the years and each time is as good as the last.

“It’s great to see some new additions, but just as thrilling to see my old favourites…you even get a whiff of oil in places, which is just wonderful!”

Top favourite cars

The Humber Hawk was donated to the museum after being carefully locked away in storage for nearly 40 years and has just 45,000 miles on the clock since new.

Among the huge collection of classic and vintage cars at the museum, Donald Campbell’s 1937 Bentley stands out with its resplendent Bluebird Blue paintwork. The world land and water speed record holder bought the Bentley in February 1949 and it still has a personal St Christopher badge in position on the dashboard.

The 1970s Citroen DS was once one of the most advanced cars in the world with its famous suspension system and futuristic design.

And finally, the Yamaha FS1E moped was once the absolute joy for thousands of teenagers who turned to it as a cheap and cheerful form of transport.

The BBC One Antiques Road Trip show involves antiques experts setting off on a road trip around the UK searching for treasures and competing to make the most money at auction.

The Lakeland Motor Museum has a unique collection of 30,000 exhibits including 140 classic cars and motorbikes, all carefully assembled over 50 years. Nestled in the scenic Leven Valley and open seven days a week, the Museum isn’t just about cars. The entire collection is presented in a social context, with a host of rarities to awaken special motoring memories.

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