Lakeland Motor Museum creates winner’s trophy from vintage cutaway engine

Peter Walker's Bullnose 3/4 tonne truck wins competition

The winner of a classic car contest has been handed a one of a kind trophy by the team at the Lakeland Motor Museum, created on-site using a vintage cutaway engine.

Private owners of more than 100 classic cars, vans and motorbikes turned-out in force at the Backbarrow-based heritage attraction last month for the final “Drive & Ride In Day” event of 2018, with a trophy up for grabs for the owner of the vehicle deemed to be the most interesting on the day.

Furness man Peter Walker was declared the winner, for his American 1939 Ford 85 Bullnose ¾ tonne truck and was awarded the “Best of Boxing Day” trophy, created from a Hohm engine cutaway.

The museum’s Operations Manager Chris Lowe says, “Until now, we’ve always handed out pretty traditional trophies, so I was inspired to create one of our own this time that nobody else will have. We’ve had this old Hohm engine sat on a shelf for the best part of 20 years and never quite knew what to do with it. Originally used in a technical college, it just needed a thorough clean and mounting on a wooden plinth. It came out looking fantastic and makes for a fun trophy. I’ve made sure all the moving parts still work too, making it a trophy like no-other.”

The final ‘Drive & Ride In Day’ event of 2018 was held on a dry and mild Boxing Day, resulting in one of the most successful events of its kind in the museum’s history.

Mr Walker gets the pleasure of the trophy for 12 months, then other enthusiasts who’d like to get their hands on it will have their chance by attending the next event just after Christmas 2019.

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