Lambretta Labour of Love

The 1965 Li 150 Golden Special has been restored and donated to the museum by Geoff Hobman

Lambretta Labour of Love

The newest addition to the Lakeland Motor Museum’s many exhibits is quite simply a Labour of Love - in the form of a classic Lambretta scooter.

The 1965 Li 150 Golden Special has been restored and donated to the museum by Geoff Hobman from Cliviger near Burnley.

He bought it – partly as a restoration project for his retirement – but also for another reason.

A close up of the side of the Li 150 golden special

“I had a Lambretta when I was seventeen,” explains Geoff. “But it was written off when a car pulled out in front of me. I always thought I’d not finished with that part of my life so when I retired, I decided it was time to buy one again.”

This Gold Special was imported from Malta in 2006 and it was in quite a sorry state – painted blue. Geoff, with no restoration experience, stripped it down, replaced part after part and then re-sprayed it gold and white to restore it fully.

A close up of the speedo on the scooter

It took around a year of hard work and by 2007 it successfully passed its MOT. Geoff returned to the road on the Lambretta but soon realised he was no longer a teenager. In the years since then he has only added 44 miles to its clock.

“When I got back out on the road I thought – I’m not seventeen anymore! The roads are so busy and fast now, so I’ve not added many miles. But I’m pleased I managed to restore the bike and get it back out on the road. Now I hope many more people will enjoy seeing it at the museum.”

The Golden Specials were built by Lambretta from 1963 to 1966. Originally, they were gold coloured all over. Geoff preferred the gold and white look. They were produced as a sportier alternative to the standard Li 150 due to the demand for faster scooters. The top speed was 58 mph and it had a two-stroke air cooled engine.

But style was always more important than speed when it came to scooters and especially the iconic and ultra-cool Lambretta. So next time you visit the Backbarrow attraction – look out for it – and be transported back to the chic days of the 1960s.

The front lights of the lambretta scooter

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