Museum’s latest arrival offers flashback to ‘80s pop culture

Ford Cortina

Museum’s latest arrival offers flashback to ‘80s pop culture

A gold Ford Cortina specially imported from Belgium to Barrow-in-Furness by its former owner has taken pride of place at the Lakeland Motor Museum.

The instantly recognisable Ford Cortina Ghia 2.3 v6 is a throwback to iconic TV cop shows and for many, offers a taste of 1980s nostalgia; the Ford Cortina was one of the UK’s best-selling cars ever and the most popular large family car in 1982.

This vehicle has been donated by Barrow pensioner Win Donaldson. She is the widow of its former owner Andy, who owned it for 34 years, until he passed away last year.

Andy and Win’s nephew, John Holgate, says, “The Cortina was Andy’s pride and joy. He was so set on having a particular colour-model-spec combination that he had it imported from Belgium, as this was the only way at the time to get the car he wanted. In 1982 this was his perfect car and he never wanted to change it. Win didn’t want to sell it, so donating it to the Lakeland Motor Museum seemed the ideal choice so others can continue to enjoy it."

Chris Lowe, Manager of the Lakeland Motor Museum, adds, “The Ford Cortina is one of those cars people always remember from the 1970s and 80s. This particular car has a very strong local connection and is in immaculate condition, with less than 50,000 miles on the clock. It’s another great piece of motoring nostalgia for the Museum.”

The Ford Cortina Ghia has now taken its place alongside other iconic vehicles from a similar era, including a 1973 Austin Allegro, a 1980 Ford Fiesta GL Mark 1 and a 1982 Ford Capri Mk III 2.8i.

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