Museum's rallying cry to Morris Minor owners

Morris Minor with superceded text saying Classic Drive and Ride In Day - 7 October

Owners of Morris “Moggie” Minors are being invited to bring their cars to the Lakeland Motor Museum in Cumbria as it marks the 75th anniversary of the much-loved British classic.

They’re invited to take pride of place at this Autumn’s Classic Drive and Ride in Day at the museum on Saturday, October 7. October marks 75 years since the famous little car made its debut at the Earls Court Motor Show in London in 1948.

A British classic - the much loved Morri

“It would be great to see some classic Moggies converge on the museum,” says Curator Chris Lowe. “It’s a nostalgic symbol of British motoring heritage and it would be great to mark its 75th anniversary.”

From humble beginnings as a family car that helped get Britain back on the road after the Second World War – the Morris Minor has brought joy to enthusiasts around the world. It is considered a classic design, quintessentially English, and it continues to stir nostalgic memories.

“There is an enduring affection for the Morris Minor,” explains Chris: “You can see that reflected in the fact that so many restored Morris Minors are currently running on the nation’s roads.”

A British classic - the much loved Morris Minor

Visitors attending the Classic Drive and Ride in Day will be able to view some classic Morris vehicles inside the museum which date back to before the birth of the Morris Minor.

They include a 1930 Morris Cowley. It’s a two seat tourer complete with a “dickie” seat at the rear which could be unfolded to allow the car to carry an extra two passengers.

The Lakeland Motor Museum also has a 1936 Morris 10/4 (Special Coupe). Back in the Thirties it would have cost you £215 to buy new and it’s rumoured to have been used as a getaway car in a golf course robbery back in the 1970s.

A previous Classic Drive and Ride In day event with an image of the trophy

The Classic Drive and Ride in day is open to owners of classic cars, trucks, vans and motorbikes, as well as more recent hot hatches, superminis and high-performance sports cars. There will also be vehicles on show from the Lakeland Historic Car Club which holds its monthly meeting at the museum.

One lucky enthusiast will drive off with the coveted ‘Awesome Autumn Trophy’ which is presented to the most interesting or unique vehicle to attend the Classic Drive and Ride in Day.

The hand-crafted trophy is made from a 1960s steering wheel produced by racing driver and motorsport pundit Les Leston’s company. It’s supported by a BSA spanner which has been bent to create the stand and rests on a plinth created from an original ‘Wright’ registration plate.

Chris Lowe, Curator at the Lakeland Motor Museum, says: “Our October Classic Drive and Ride in Day is always a popular event. We look forward to welcoming some impressive vehicles.”

The Classic Drive and Ride In Day takes place on Saturday, October 7 (10am - 2pm)

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