Out with the old, and in with the… Unusual

Vauxhall Corsa parked outside the museum

While we are best-known for our collection of some of the most iconic cars of the last 100 years, our latest addition is certainly set to raise some eyebrows.

A 1994 Vauxhall Corsa GLS – one of a massive number of models to have rolled-off the production line since the model’s launch 26 years ago will soon be displayed alongside our collection of rare vehicles - despite being one of the UK’s most commonly used cars of the last three decades.

We're predicting it could become one of the museum’s rarest exhibits, given the model’s rapid decline in popularity in recent years.

The interior of the Vauxhall Corsa

Duty Manager Chris Williams says, “We’re playing a long game with this car. At the moment, you’d think you’d be far more likely to see one of these in a supermarket car park than in a museum, but numbers are dwindling very fast and this model is around five years away from becoming extinct.

“Based on projections by the motoring industry, there will be hardly of this particular model left by 2025. So, with that in mind, we’re getting one now while they’re still relatively easy to find. While initial comments from visitors may-well be along the lines of ‘why have you got one of those in the museum?’, in a few short years, those comments will become ‘Wow, I remember passing my driving test in one of those!’ I actually feel a bit nostalgic about this car, as I had a 2000 version myself, same style, same engine. We’re all about unlocking memories, and in a few years, we think this particular car will certainly achieve that goal. Remember, every new car gets old!”

Practical Classics magazine has already heaped praise on the museum for its bold move, writing, “We say well done Lakeland Motor Museum for pulling-off a classic world-first!”.

Front facing Vauxhall Corsa

Meanwhile, as we prepare to re-open in December, our team has been hard at work to ensure new vehicles are brought-in for Christmas and New Year. But, for every new exhibit brought in, an old exhibit has to make way.

As a result, one of our longer-term residents – a 1973 Austin Allegro, has moved on to the famous Haynes International Motor Museum in Somerset, after being on display since 2010.

Chris Williams continues, “It’s certainly been a busy few weeks here at the museum, with quite a few new cars being prepared for display. There are plenty more to come and we’re looking forward to revealing more details over the next few weeks.”

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