Rare 1936 British Salmson 20/90 joins the collection

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A rare 1936 British Salmson 20/90 – one of only 15 ever made – has gone on show at the museum, thanks to its Cumbrian-based owner.

To help mark the vehicle’s 80th birthday in 2016, Ambleside resident Dr Geoffrey Bowen has loaned the prestige car to the Museum for around six months. This specific vehicle was the fifteenth - and last - of its kind to be built by British Salmson Aero Engines, which specialised in engines for the light aircraft industry. However, production stopped in the run-up to World War II.

The two seater British Salmson 20/90 has a 2.6 litre engine and is said to have reached speeds of up to 90mph. It is a ‘Drop Head Coupe’, which means it would also have been used for open top motoring. The vehicle was seen as ahead of its time, with Jaguar only matching the same design specifications in 1954.

Chris Lowe, Manager at the Lakeland Motor Museum, says, “You don’t have to be a classic car enthusiast to appreciate the sheer splendour and craftsmanship of this tremendous machine. The British Salmson is an extremely rare vehicle and we are lucky to have it on show at the Museum for the first time”

He adds, “It’s fitting that the car has gone on show for its 80th birthday and we are very grateful to the owner for helping us to share this little-known vehicle with our visitors over the next few months.”

Visitors can see the 1936 British Salmson 20/90 at the Lakeland Motor Museum until early summer 2016. The beautiful vehicle is situated near the recreated street scene on the ground floor.

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