1935 Bluebird Car (full-size replica)

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The Bluebird which broke the World Land Speed at Bonneville, USA, on the 3rd of September 1935.

Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1935 achievement (301.129mph - over 5 miles a minute) was his last World Land Speed Record - being broken by Capt. G.E.T. Eyston in Thunderbolt, (311.418 mph) 19th November 1937.

Designed by Mr Reid A Railton and constructed by Thomson and Taylor (Brooklands) Limited. The complete car weighs nearly 5 tons and some 90% of the available horsepower was required to overcome wind resistance.

Key Facts
Year of manufacture1935
Engine2-cylinder in two banks, supercharged, Rolls-Royce aero-type, developing 2500 bhp. (approx)
TransmissionNormal clutch, through a ‘crash type’ three speed gearbox to back axle via a double propellor-shaft.
Wheelbase3 ft 8”
Track5 ft
Overall length28 ft 3”
FuelSpecial Esso-Ethyl
TyresDunlop - pressures, front 125 |b,rear 110 Ib.


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