1967 Hydroplane Bluebird K7 (full-size replica)

1967 hydoplane k7 banner flat

Donald Campbell was a British racing driver who set numerous world speed records on land and water. He was inspired to break his father's (Sir Malcolm Campbell) water speed record and went on to set 7 world records in propellor then turbo-jet powered boats.

Building upon the success and subsequent limitations of his father's K4 hydroplane, he worked with the Norris brothers to re-design and constantly develop the K7 to continue to beat speed records.

Sadly in 1967, he was killed in a crash while attempting to break the 300 mph barrier.

Our authentic full-size replica was built for the TV movie "Across the Lake" starring Anthony Hopkins in 1988.

Key Facts
Year of manufactureOriginal design in 1954
Designed & builtKen & Lew Norris, Salmesbury Engineering, Preston
Fastest recorded speed276.33 mph (1964)

Interesting Fact

See more information about this hydroplane on the Wikipedia page.


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