1937 SS Jaguar 100

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The SS Jaguar 100, introduced in September 1935, was a significant upgrade from the previous SS90 model, of which only 24 were ever produced. The model names reflected their impressive theoretical top speeds—a notable feature at a time when most vehicles struggled to reach even 50 mph. Despite initial neglect by the motoring media, these cars have evolved into some of the most coveted and collectible classic sports cars.

This early SS Jaguar 100 is equipped with a 2663cc 6-cylinder engine, known as the 2 ½. Later iterations featured a more potent 3485cc engine, referred to as the 3 ½, which had the capability of reaching the coveted 100 mph mark. This particular car underwent testing by The Motor Magazine in May 1937, followed by Autocar in July. Additionally, it successfully participated in the 1937 RAC Rally under the skillful driving of Brian Lewis, contributing to the manufacturer's team prize victory.

Remarkably, this SS Jaguar 100 has remained under continuous ownership for over 60 years. The current owner's fascination with the model dates back to his schoolboy days in the late 1930s, where he made a solemn vow to one day possess an SS100. His opportunity finally arrived during his student years, thanks to a loan from his father—an amount that was never repaid!

Key Facts
Date of manufacture1935
ManufacturerThe SS Jaguar 100
Production1935 - 1950
RegistrationCHP 402

Interesting Fact

Upon its release, the SS Jaguar 100 was priced at £395—a substantial sum, equivalent to roughly two years' income for the average worker. Contrasting this with the mass-produced Austin 7, which sold for £175 in the same year, underscores William Lyons' remarkable ability to craft stylish, high-performance automobiles at affordable prices.

With its rich rallying history and decades-long ownership, this SS Jaguar 100 stands as a testament to automotive craftsmanship and enduring passion.


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