1962 Ford Consul Capri

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The Consul Capri, a stylish two-door coupé variant of the Classic saloon by Ford of Britain, was designed to add a touch of glamour to the product line. Drawing inspiration from the Ford Thunderbird and Ford Galaxie Sunliner, its sleek design was the brainchild of Sir Horace Denne, Ford's Sales Export Director. Production of the Consul Capri began in September 1961, initially aimed at the export market, and it became available in the domestic British market in January 1962.

The Consul range also included the similarly styled Consul Classic saloon, which came with either 2 or 4 doors and featured a distinctive reverse rake rear windscreen, reminiscent of the one on the 'Harry Potter' Anglia 105E. Additionally, the Consul Cortina, introduced in 1962, shared many mechanical components with the Capri but boasted a much simpler, more easily producible body design.

Crafted with sweeping lines and a pillarless coupé roof, the Consul Capri featured advanced amenities like four headlights, variable speed wipers, and front disc brakes. Initially equipped with a 1340 cc engine, it was later upgraded to a more powerful 1498 cc engine. A GT version was introduced in February 1963, showcasing performance enhancements developed by Cosworth.

Despite its innovative features, the Consul Capri faced production challenges and tough competition from the popular Ford Cortina. Sales were disappointing, leading to its discontinuation in July 1964 after just two and a half years of production. On sale in Britain for this brief period and with fewer than 20,000 units made, the Consul Capri is now a rare sight. This example is believed to have had just two owners from new and a price when new of £915.

Key Facts
Date of manufacture1962
ManufacturerFord of Britain
Registration955 YTJ

Interesting Fact

Tested by The Motor magazine in 1962, the Consul Capri demonstrated a top speed of 79.0 mph and accelerated from 0-60 mph in 22.6 seconds, with a fuel consumption of 36.7 miles per imperial gallon.


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