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In 1966, Volvo introduced the third model in its growing 140 Series: the Volvo 145. This 5-door estate featured a nearly vertical tailgate, which was praised for its practicality and spaciousness. The cargo area boasted a flat floor and offered more than 2 cubic meters of storage space, making it an exceptionally functional design.

The distinctive rear section design of the Volvo 145 became a hallmark of Volvo estates. The model quickly gained popularity and played a significant role in the success of the 140 Series.

As well as cars Volvo produced buses, trucks, marine engines, construction equipment and aircraft. The car business was sold to Ford in 1999 and subsequently Chinese owned Geely in 2010.

Volvo invented various safety features we take for granted today, some of which they allowed other manufacturers to use without charge – such as the three point safety belt.- as they felt it was more important to save lives than collect patent fees. Other Volvo innovations include laminated toughened windscreens, inertia reel seatbelts, safety door locks, Side Impact Protection systems, Roll over Protection system, driver drowsiness detection, cyclist detection system and many more.

This example was bought by its lady owner to tow her caravan, used from 1973 until 2001 it has covered just 7000 miles from new and is in fantastic original condition. Following careful indoor storage, where it was covered in numerous layers of cloth, the owner decided to donate this car, and her father’s Humber Hawk, which he had bought for the same towing purpose.

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Date of manufacture1967

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An interesting fact about Volvo is that despite being often dismissed by car enthusiasts as "Swedish safety tanks," these vehicles gained a loyal following due to their exceptional dependability and rust resistance. Volvo strategically targeted buyers who sought a reliable and safe vehicle that wasn’t subject to the frequent styling changes of domestic cars. This consistency in design meant that a Volvo maintained its look year after year, allowing owners to avoid the pressure of keeping up with changing automotive trends, thereby reinforcing Volvo’s reputation for enduring quality and safety.


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