1976 Honda 400/4

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Introducing the 1976 Honda CB400F2, affectionately dubbed the "400 Four" for its 408cc four-cylinder engine. This model pioneered the Motor Museum 4-into-1 exhaust, a first for Japanese motorcycles, enhancing both performance and style.

Initially priced at £669, the CB400F2 gained instant popularity for its sleek design, precise handling, and responsive braking. Despite its success, production ceased after four years due to the high production costs compared to larger models.

Key Facts
Date of manufacture1976
Engine408cc four-cylinder
Built byHonda
Location in MuseumDownstairs

Interesting Fact

Today, these bikes are prized collectibles, especially early F2 series imports like this one finished in Parakeet Yellow, showcasing unique tank logos and pin-striping. Understanding Honda's model codes adds to their allure, with "CB" representing air-cooled 4-stroke inline road motorcycles.

In essence, the 1976 Honda CB400F2 remains a symbol of engineering prowess and design innovation, cherished by enthusiasts and collectors alike for its performance and heritage.


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